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Prop Description Required
endpoint The endpoint which returns Yes
requestMethod Specify the HTTP method to be used when sending the API request. No
columns An array of column objects Yes
actions An array of action objects No
search The search parameters the will be sent to the endpoint specified No
retainTableState Whether or not to retain the table state (current page and current sort configuration and current search object). To read the retained search object use getRetainedTableSearchObject. No
onResponse A callback function. data => void No
userPrivileges An array of the user’s privileges. This is used to only show permitted actions. No
pageSize The page size. The default value is 10 No
disableSorting Set to false to disable sorting feature. No
defaultSortBy Set the default sort key No
defaultSortDir Set to default sort direction No
actionsLabel The action’s column header label. No
previousLabel This is the label for previous button in pagination. No
nextLabel This is the label for next button in pagination. No
noDataLabel This is the label used when no data is available. No
apiErrorLabel This is the label used when there has been an error in the API call to fetch the data. No


Prop Description Required
label Header label Yes
value The value the should be displayed in each row.
This could be either a property path in row object
or a function which takes the row object and returns cell value
sortable Set false to disable sorting for this column. No
sortKey Property path in row object. By dafault same as value if it is also a property path. No
display Set false to hide this column No


Prop Description Required
label Button label Either this or icon
icon It can be either an icon name (see RruButton section) or a function that returns an icon name. Either this or label
action A function which takes the row object Yes
display A function which takes the row object and
returns a boolean whether the action should be available for this row.
privileges An array of the required privilege for this actions. The userPrivileges provided in the table will be used. No
onConfirm If you want to have a confirmation dialog
for an action, just use this prop instead of action.
The is also a function same as action but will
only be called when the user confirms the action
confirmationTitle Confirmation dialog title No
confirmationDesc Confirmation dialog description No
confirmLabel Confirmation dialog confirm button label No
cancelLabel Confirmation dialog cancel button label No


This function allows you to read the table persisted search object even after the table has been de-mounted due to navigation or page refresh. This comes in handy when you want to re-initialize the search form with the same last values it was in before the table (alongside with the search form) is destroyed.

In case you have multiple tables in the same page, just provide the function with the table endpoint. If you don’t specify the endpoint, there is no guarantee on which table of which it will return the search object.