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Prop Description Required
onSubmit A function which takes the form data object.
Will be called if the user submits the form if there is no validation violation
initialValues An object containing the form default values.
Note: for types date, time, select, and multi-select use defaultValue prop. For multi-checkbox you can pass a flat array of ids or an array of options, or even a mix of both.
validationSchema Yup validation schema No
watch(func) DEPRECATED (use watch(array)) A function which takes a function that you can run to listen to form data changes. No
watch(array) An array of the field names you want to monitor No
watcher A function which takes the form data. Can be used only in combination with watch(array). No
className form class name No


Prop Description Required Type
label The form element label Yes All
name Unique form element name Yes All
type Available types: text (default), password, textarea, select, multi-select, radio, checkbox, multi-checkbox, grouped-multi-checkbox, date, time, file Yes All
className Column class name No All
options An array of objects of the form:
{id: string label: string}
But if the type is grouped-multi-checkbox the form is:
{label: string, items: [...]}
Yes if type in select, radio, multi-checkbox, grouped-multi-checkbox select, multi-select, radio, multi-checkbox, grouped-multi-checkbox
placeholder A place holder No text, textarea, password, file
maxLength Maximum length No  
disabled Set to true to disable the editing of the form element No All
isHijri For Hijri calendar. By default is it Gregorian No date
isFuture Display only future years No date
isPast Display only past years No date
clock Clock style either 12-hours or 24-hours No time
clock Clock style either 12-hours or 24-hours No time
maxYearLength Max number of years +- current year No date
reverseDisplayOrder Reverse the render order of the date or time selectors No date, time
inline Set to true to display radio buttons in one line No radio
requiredAsterisk Display an asterisk to indicate the field is required No All