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Prop Description Required
label Button label Yes
variant Bootstrap button variant No
icon Can be class name for an icon (i.e. font-awesome icons) or one of the predefined icons view, edit, lock, unlock, delete, add, remove, check, times, pdf, excel, download No
userPrivileges An array of the user’s privileges. This is used to only show permitted buttons. No
allowedPrivileges An array of the required privileges No
onClick A function Yes if no onConfirm
onConfirm If you want to have a confirmation dialog
just use this prop instead of onClick.
It is a function which receives the form data object (if formElements is used) and a function setShow(bool) to control dialogue visibility. You can return false to stop refuse the confirmation and keep the dialogue open
confirmationTitle Confirmation dialog title No
confirmationDesc Confirmation dialog description No
confirmLabel Confirmation dialog confirm button label No
cancelLabel Confirmation dialog cancel button label No
formElements see RruForm section No
initialValues see RruForm section No
validationSchema see RruForm section No
watch see RruForm section No
watcher see RruForm section No