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Name Description Required
name Unique form element name Yes
label The form element label No
requiredAsterisk Display an asterisk to indicate the field is required No
disabled Controls whether the input field is disabled or not No
dir Text direction. Valid values: auto, ltr, and rtl. No
placeholder A short hint that describes the expected value No
maxLength The maximum number of characters allowed No
autoComplete Provides guidance to the browser as to the type of information expected in the field, this could allow the browser to provide automated assistance in filling out the form field. More info at MDN Web Docs No
rows Specifies the visible number of lines in the textarea No
cols Specifies the visible width of the textarea No
wrap Specifies how the text is to be wrapped when submitted in a form. More info at MDN Web Docs No
onChange A callback function. This is useful if you need to watch the field value No