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Name Description Required
pageFetcher A function that fetches a page from where-ever your data might be, usually from an HTTP API. Yes
columns An array of column objects that determine how to render columns in the table. Yes
search The search parameters the will be sent to the endpoint specified No
pageSize The page size. The default value is 10 No
noDataLabel Message rendered when there is no data available No
errorLabel Message rendered when there is an error No
defaultPageNumber Set the initial page number No
defaultSortKey Set the initial sort key No
defaultSortDir Set the initial sort direction No
onChange A callback for when one of these information gets updated (pageNumber, sortKey, sortDir) No


Name Description Required
label Table column label Yes
value The value the should be displayed in each row. This could be either a string representing a property path in the item object or a function which takes the item object and returns a value Yes
sortKey Property path in the item object. By default uses the path provided by value in case value was a string. If value is a function, then you need to provide the sorting key path, otherwise sorting will be disabled for this column. Similarly, if you want to disable sorting for a column, you can pass null here. No